Down and Ups

July 8, 2010

So things have been a little down, but then up since the last time that I wrote.  First, there was the very sad and untimely death of a good friend, Mr. John Slate.  Slate was one of the best saxophonists that I know, and even more so, a first class gentleman and friend.  He always greeted me (and almost everyone else that I saw) with a smile, “what’s up”, and then he would launch into a great story about what ever you had going on.  We usually found ourselves talking about jazz or comparing notes from Berklee College of Music.  It was always great conversation wherever it led to.  I, along with many countless amounts of family and friends will miss him terribly.

My parents are the greatest.  I honestly don’t think that I go a day without saying or thinking that statement.  They are retired (whatever that means if you know them) and they enjoy traveling and other projects.  Well, one project (really a gift) is that they offered to paint all of the downstairs of my house.  WHAT?????!!!!!!!!  We accepted and for two days, my house was turned upsdide down and completely redone.  It looks fantastic, to say the least.  Of course, after the painting was done, my wife says that we should rearrange the house…room by room!  Now we are looking for someone to install some hardwood flooring…at a good price (hint hint…we are looking for estimates).

For the Fourth of July, we really didn’t do a lot.  Most of the day was spent watching television, playing wii, or listening to all of the neighbors blow up their fireworks…FROM 1:00PM TO 1:00AM!!!!!!!!!!!!  The tiny street that I live on looked like the after affects of one of those Gladiator or Braveheart type movies.  Actually, my wife likes those period movies, but I think that she hated the noise all day and night.

July 5th is my sister’s birthday.  There was a huge celebration for her at my Number 1’s* house in Mt. Awendaw.  I say Mt. Awendaw because she lives right on the line that separates Mt. Pleasant and Awendaw.  My sister is also the greatest.  She really looks after me in the truest sense of protecting and looking out for her little brother.  She is my sister/manager/critic/advisor/ and I love her very much.  Great family, friends, music, food, and atmosphere.  It was a great day.

As for gigs this week, everything is the same…Charleston Grill on Tuesday and Thursday, High Cotton on Wednesday, Pilot Lounge and Bistro on Thursday…Church on Sunday, although I don’t really call that a gig.

See you next time.



Start of Weekly Blog…I hope…

June 30, 2010

So I have decided to really give it a go in terms of the blog.  After all, it is set up, many people have been encouraging me to do it, AND it is another form of communication.  I will be attempting to write about my events, rehearsals, projects, and whatever else seems to float out.

June 20-26

This was a great week of music and education.  First, the education part.  I was an instructor at the Leonard School of Music Summer Jazz Camp (  This is a camp that happens annualy at their facility (located above Fox Music House in N. Charleston).  The camp is attended by students in grades 4-12.  It is quite a spread in grades, but there are usually two full big bands.  Myself, along with Stephen Spaulding (trombone) , Simon Harding (Saxophone), and Mark Sterbank (Saxophone) teach theory, improvisation, give sectionals, as well as a band rehearsal.  At the end of the week, we present a concert for the public.  This year, we played at Frankies Fun Park.  It was HOT outside, but the kids did extremely well.

After camp, I usually made my way back home to work on “the chase” for music for the Charleston Jazz Orchestra (  Our next show is titled “Latin Night II”.  We have some special guests lined up and it is going to be another fabulous night.  Visit our website or call the office at 843-641-0011 for more information about tickets, 3 Show passes for the remainder of our season, or general information about some of the jazz events that are going on in Charleston.

My weekly gigs were great.  On Tuesdays, I play at the Charleston Grill from 7-11 with Kevin Hamilton (bass) and Gerald Gregory (piano).  We have a good time presenting standards and the occasional pop tune done standardly (is that a word?).  Wednesdays are at High Cotton from 6-10 with James Slater (guitar).  James and I play duets REALLY great together and have a good time in our section of this fine restaurant.  I especially enjoy our conversation in between sets.  So much to laugh about.  Life is good.  Thursday night is the Pilot Lounge and Bistro on Ladson road in Oakbrook section of North Charleston/Summerville.  I play with a 7 piece band and we cover contemporary jazz, r&b, rock…whatever.  On Friday, we played a private party for one of my relatives and it was great: Great occasion, great family, friends, and co-workers in attendance for Karl, and great dancing to great music.  Normally, I would be at the Charleston Grill on Friday nights with the Quentin Baxter Ensemble (Baxter-drums, Hamilton-bass, and Tommy Gill, Jr.-piano), but I played on Saturday night due to my private party on Friday.  David Patterson sat in for Quentin on drums and it was killer!!!  The whole night was a blast and we kept the crowd going.  I don’t think that I ever played Green Dolphin Street with such a driving gullah feel before, but it will definitely happen again!

On Wednesday and Thursday I also attended the Clarence Rivers Music Institute of the Lyke Liturgical Conference.  As the organist at Our Lady of Mercy and St. Patrick Catholic Churches, I attended and was able to gather a wealth of information.  We talked about music, rehearsing, techniques, and it was extremely informative.  OLM and St. Pats, get ready for some changes to the music.  Time to get your praise on!

So, this week, I have the normal gig schedule coming up, and then some other projects that I am working on.  There is always something with the Jazz Artists of Charleston and the CJO that I can do, I am finishing up a composition (fanfare) for Charleston Stage (, and I will be adding some horns to a project being done by my good friend (and former band mate in a group called “Leroy Love”) Yates Dew (  I am also trying to get my act together for MY OWN recording.  Keep on pushing me for that one.

My house is being painted on the inside!  Now…we declutter!

Thanks for stopping by and check out all of the sites.


Charleston Jazz Orchestra

December 3, 2009

The Charleston Jazz Orchestra wrapped up its Inaugural Season with a superbly high charged show on November 25th.  “A Suite Holiday” featured Duke Ellington’s and Billy Strayhorn’s Far East Suite.  The band was smokin’!!  All of the musicians felt as if this was the best performance to date and the reaction of the audience gave us a good indication of that very thought. 

In addition to a fabulous evening of music, we announced that the 2010 CJO Season Tickets were now on sale!!  Don’t hesitate to pick them up now.  What a great holiday gift that would be.   Here is a break down of the season.


January 30

March 27

May 22

September 25

October 23

November 24

All shows at the Charleston Music Hall

Doors 6PM; Shows 7PM




The MOJA Show Recap!!

September 28, 2009

We had a little bit of the old, a little of the new, a little bit of latin, and a whole lot of funk!!  The show was fantastic.  What a band, what a crowd, and what a night.  It all started off with a young man named Daniel Davis.  If you don’t know of him or haven’t heard him yet, sit down, put on his cd, and then get ready to get up and get your groove on.  Daniel is a fantastic R&B,  hip-hop, jazz, and inspirational violinist.  He is very talented and I expect to see a whole lot of him on national charts, shows, and anything else that he can find (Daniel is out giggin!!)

We hit the stage at 8:00 and the setting was great.  It was a beautiful night.  A cool temperature (except the humidity was kickin!)  nestled in with the tress that were providing the set for a great night of music.  Our set list went like this:

Cissy Strut – The Meters

Fifteen – Madhouse

It’s Probably Me – Sting

Ten – Madhouse

Spain (Quiana Parlor lead vocal) – Chick Corea

Til My Baby Comes Home (Quiana Parlor lead vocal) – Luther Vandross

Them Belly Full, But We Hungry – Bob Marley

Quiana came out and just tore it up, as usual.  She can sing anything at anytime and it is masterful.  I love gigging with her!!  The guys in the band were tight, as usual.  They all make it look so easy.

Lalah came out and tore it up as well.  What a wonderful performer she is.  Her band (four piece rhythm section and background vocals) was fantastic.  Lalah is, well, Lalah.  A bit of her classic material mixed in with some new favorites was perfect for the crowd.  I think that they especially enjoyed her singing Summertime!

I had a great time.  I hope that I can do another show like that in the near future.  It ought to be a crime to have that much fun.

MOJA Arts Festival Show

September 16, 2009

So I have just put the finishing touches on the horn parts for the next big show. The Charlton Singleton Band will be opening up for Lalah Hathaway on September 26.   Joining me onstage will be Quiana Parlor and Friends (Stephen Washington – Keys, LaVonta Green – Bass, JT Rollerson – Drums) as well as Mark Sterbank – Flute and Alto Sax, Simon Harding – Tenor Sax, and Stephen Spaulding – Trombone. Quiana will be putting the smackdown on the vocals!! If you can swing it, come out and listen to us tear it up!!! If you would like more information about the show or festival, please visit the website.

I hope to see you there.

Latin Night and my next few shows

September 7, 2009

The Charleston Jazz Orchestra presented “Latin Night” this past Friday at the Charleston Music Hall. I must admit that I was really nervous going into it, but it was da bomb!! The crowd really got into it and the band was rippin’ it from wall to wall. We were blessed with the vocal stylings of Leah Suarez, Sara Atchison, Bobby Alvarez, Duda Lucena, and Grammy/Emmy award winning composer Fernando Rivas. Fernando contributed a few selections and arrangements to the show and they were first class. Thanks Fernando.

Our next show is going to be on November 25. We will be presenting Duke Ellington’s Far East Suite. In addition to the Far East Suite, we will also be performing some songs from past shows this season. Sort of like the season in review. You will be hearing selections from our Countin’ on Basie Show, the Holy City Homecoming show featuring the music of Bob Belden, and the Nutcracker Suite arranged by Duke Ellington. It promises to be a great show. Start inquiring (and supporting) the CJO and Jazz Artists of Charleston. You can reach them at or calling 843-641-0011.

Aside from JAC, I will be playing regularly at the Charleston Grill on Friday nights with the Quentin Baxter Ensemble from 8-12. On September 26, I will be the supporting act for Lalah Hathaway at the Cistern on the campus of the College of Charleston. This performance is a part of the MOJA Arts Festival 2009. Get your tickets now!!!


First Week/Jazz Orchestra

August 24, 2009

So my first week of school was exciting and challenging.  I am excited about building a brand new band program.  I was extremely pleased to meet some students that played instruments already.  The ones that excited me the most were those that played instruments that are sort of hard to get students on;  trombone, tuba, bass clarinet.  I will get the chance  in the next few weeks to recruit some other students from the school.  I hope that they give us (band) a chance.  I think that they would enjoy my class.

The Charleston Jazz Orchestra is preparing for the next concert.  We will be presenting “Latin Night” on September 4, 2009.  It will be at the Charleston Music Hall.  Featured with the CJO will be Leah Suarez, Duda Lucena,  Bobby Alvarez and Sara Achison…all vocalists.  The show will also feature originals and arrangements by Fernando Rivas.  Fernando is one of the best arrangers and composers in the world.  He lives and teaches in Charleston now and we are glad that he signed on to work with us for this great concert.

Call 843-641-0011 or vist for tickets and other details about the Charleston Jazz Orchestra and their Inaugural Season.

See you next time.


First Entry

August 14, 2009

One of my best friends from my childhood is Dana Coleman.  He is a brilliant visual artist, graphic designer, computer programmer, great person, and friend.   He and I were catching up one day and he asked me if I had my own website.  I told him about the MySpace page that I have and he said that he thought that I needed something a bit more.  So, he convinced me to get my own and then built the website for me.  Dana is a genius.  If you get a chance, please visit his website and look at all of the great paintings and work that he has done.  You may have already seen his work in some buildings around the Tri County area.  Thanks, Dana!

So, now I have a Blog.  I will be talking about whatever is going on at the time.  I might jump to a subject that is just random in order to start some conversation.  Most of my friends say that I can be random. 

The biggest change for me right now is that I am no longer in one of the best bands in South Carolina…Plane Jane.  It was tough to leave, but in the end, it was best.  I will miss my brothers.  I just have make Wilbur’s Pub my new stomping grounds.  Another new thing (maybe old) is that I have returned to the classroom.  I am the band director at Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science.  This school is BRAND SPANKING NEW!!  I am excited about building a new program.  I am also nervous, but that is just me. 

Well, I am looking forward to blogging. 

Blog to you soon…


Hello world!

August 7, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!